Low Cost Business Ideas

low cost business ideas

Low Cost Business Ideas

Online Courses


Online courses offer many great low cost business ideas. One of the most popular freelance writing opportunities for writers is completing product reviews. You can create an online store where you would list products you are willing to review and then earn a commission on each sale. If you know how to write unbiased reviews, this can be a very lucrative venture. You’ll need to build an impressive portfolio before trying this method though, as if you are not careful, you could get into trouble with the FTC.

Selling digital media products is another popular low cost business idea. With the rise of ebooks on a wide variety of topics, there has been a huge demand for digital publishing companies. If you have a specialty in a given area, such as computers or creative design, you could earn a good living by helping people create the perfect materials for their needs. Of course, you will need a computer, internet connection, basic editing software, book binding equipment, and book marketing expertise. While some may struggle initially, you will get started earning money as long as you do things right.

A Freelance Writer

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If you are skilled in writing, perhaps as a copywriter or web writer, you might consider becoming a freelance writer. Freelance writers can earn a very generous income, as long as you do things right. For example, if you want to start freelance writing, you will need to do research to find out what kinds of projects are out there in your field. Start by looking at what kinds of ads you see in magazines, newspapers, etc.

Then do a quick search online to see what types of websites offer freelance writing. This low cost business idea is another where researching is crucial, as you will want to know what types of projects are out there in your particular area.

Selling Online Courses

Another one of the low cost business ideas is selling online courses. E-books are fast becoming the hottest books, due to the convenience they offer over regular books. You can sell ebooks on a variety of subjects, from how to make your own money online, how to promote an affiliate marketing business, how to write a best-seller, or how to start your own blog for making money from the Internet. There are as many e-books as there are topics that people are interested in.

Yet another of the many great small businesses ideas is to start your own catering service. People are always looking for a good caterer, especially when it comes to large events like weddings or other large social gatherings.


However, caterers are in high demand, so this is a very good small business idea to go into. As with any business, you will need to make your food look as good as possible for the many people who will be attending. Some caterers are known for their creativity, so if you have the passion for cooking and catering then this could be a very lucrative career option.

The last of the small business ideas we will discuss is the freelance industry. Freelance work options range anywhere from web designers to medical transcriptionists to copy writers, editors, proofreaders, bloggers, translators, programmers, and more.


If you love to write, have good grammar and spelling skills, and are familiar with software you can become a freelance writer immediately. With enough experience, your skills can go far and you may be able to start your own company and be your own boss. This is probably one of the most diverse areas of the freelancing industry, but also one of the most profitable, due to the high demand for freelancers.

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