Famous Small Startups’ Business Development

Small Startups Business Development

Silicon Valley was a major breakthrough in the world of technology and there are millions who have gained with its invention. There are many tech giants in today’s world but very few who have risen in an unbelievingly short span. These companies were nobodies when they started some 5 years ago but today everyone knows their name. Let’s dig a little deeper and see their journey of success. 

The following is a list of a few silicon giants who started as small start ups 5 years ago but have now grown to billion dollar turnover companies.

Small Startups to Big Companies – Unbelievable Business Development

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  1. Ceylance – Valuation : $ 1 Billion Stuart McClure and Ryan Permeh built a software using artificial intelligence to give protection against malware-a rising threat to computer operators. It also solves the problem of email phishing scams all in less than a second. This amazing software has more than 1000 customers. 
  2. Compass – Valuation: $ 1 Billion Compass functions like a traditional broker but off late managed to create an app that solved the problems of those who were on the lookout for a house. Options like neighbourhood, budget, bedrooms, etc, provided in the app, makes buying and selling of properties faster and easier. 
  3. Illumio – Valuation: $ 1 Billion Emerging from stealth to enhanced market value, Illumio managed to shake the entire silicon market within a span of 6 months. They created a security system which was made to watch after the apps installed in every computer to rule out the possibility of a hacker threat or virus. Just like a CCTv camera works, this feature watches over all the apps by placing a tiny bit of code into every computer. Their software is also linked with icloud and hence the companies can either track their apps later themselves or let Illumio do it for them. 
  4. Carbon 3D – Valuation: $ 1 Billion This Company has by far managed to create the impossible. The virtual 3D will now be seen for real. It seemingly creates shapes out of liquid resin soup. The motto behind is to create speedy customizable parts like custom designed cup holders and surgical parts. The first M1 printer is to be released in April which will mark the beginning of a virtual to real world concept. 
  5. Opendoor – Valuation: $ 1.1 Billion This Company lets homeowners sell for a higher price. It calculates the fair market value and pays homeowners before reselling the home with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 
  6.  Uptake Technologies – Valuation: $ 1.1 Billion Brad Keywall had started this secretive Chicago-based company in 2014. After 2 years today, the company has tied up with Caterpillar as the analytical backbone. Its sensors and data analysis helps the company predict revenues and save money. 
  7. Flatiron Health- Valuation: $ 1.1 Billion This is a company doing a noble deed. It has reached unbelievable heights in a short span. This company has made a software called the Flatiron Health which organizes the oncology data the world over and makes it available for doctors, patients and researchers. 

This is the list of famous small startups and their unbelievable business development.

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