Dos And Don’ts Of A Business Plan

Business Plan

A business plan is essential to form if you are looking for a reliable startup. A business plan shows the potential investor that you are serious about what you want to do. Does the thought of failing in business scare you? Do you often feel demotivated about what you are aiming for? Therefore, a foolproof plan acts as a checklist for your business.

Dos Of A Business Plan

Business Plan: Know Your Target Audience

Before you jump on to have a meeting with your potential investor, you must know your target audience. This helps the investor decide whether he/she wants to move forward with your business. In-depth research into the psyche of your target audience and what they want and their needs could be an excellent way to explain to your investor on why they should back you. Moreover, knowing your target audience thoroughly gives you space to experiment.

Do's and Don'ts
Dos And Don’ts Of A Business Plan

Understand The Potential Of Your Product/Service

The first step towards a full proof plan is to know your product to its last detail. You must see the potential of your product have an idea of what returns can it bring. If a product or service does not show future growth, it is unlikely that your plan will work out. Of course, we know that no product is an all-rounder from its start, but having an idea as to what the future of this product or your business looks like will help you create a vision.

Business Plan: Know Your Competitors

Once you are sure which product or business you want to take risks in, it’s time to know your peers in the field. Take your time to understand the business model that your competitors are using. Understand why they do something, what needs have people are they looking to fulfill.

More often than not, there will be a gap in the market that no one has tapped into yet. Take a look at your competitors – their strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you include all of this in your business plan as they may come in handy for your investor.

Business Plan: Convince Your Investor Why You Are Worth His Money

Business Plan for startups
Dos And Don’ts Of A Business Plan

Convincing someone to invest in your idea looks daunting, and we know it. But if you are offering a value-creating service to people and you believe with all your heart that it will work out, the difficulty level decreases. Your investor is probably looking into a hundred other startups to invest in, give him a solid reason as to why not investing in your will make him the loser.

Don’t Exaggerate On Your Business

There is a fine line between showing confidence in your product and exaggerating it. Too much or too little of anything goes crashing down. Therefore, it’s essential that you know your product well but do not overestimate as you may come across as foolish.


In conclusion, we would like to add that besides all the aforementioned points, you must also write the risks and “bad news”. This will show that you are realistic and understanding.

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