Developing The Teslas Business Strategy

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The first step in developing a Tesla’s business strategy is to understand the basic electricity storage needs of consumers in the automotive industry. Most Teslas will use their batteries for at least a year or longer. A battery is designed to store surplus energy produced by an automobile’s engine. A car’s alternator is what powers most of the electrical equipment in a vehicle; the alternator supplies power to various accessories and electrical components of a car. Without the use of an alternator, most modern vehicles would not run.

There is a huge market for electric cars and a large portion of this market is made up of environmentally conscious consumers. By owning and driving these environmentally friendly vehicles Teslas can participate in reducing the carbon footprint that our society has. For any company considering developing a Teslas business strategy the goal is to sell a product that appeals to buyers who are concerned about the environment. As with any business venture, Teslas will need to choose a location that allows them to sell their electric cars. Southern California is a popular choice because of the abundance of high speed rail trains and commuter rail systems.

Consider Offering EV Charging Stations

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Developing a Teslas business strategy should consider offering EV charging stations. Providing charging stations for Teslas will provide a low cost way to make money while providing consumers with a convenient way to charge their electric cars. Many people who live in environmentally friendly homes may not have access to a public electric station. By installing an electric charging station on a customer’s property a Teslas can earn money while contributing to the environment.

The automotive industry is currently one of the largest employers in the world. With millions of cars being sold each year Teslas could easily earn billions of dollars in revenue. A Teslas business strategy that focuses on selling electric vehicles would attract a lot of new customers.

The automotive industry produces more than thirty million vehicles. The need for Teslas has drastically increased due to this large amount of sales. In order to sell all of these vehicles, it is necessary for Teslas to find a market for them. One way to reach potential customers is to create a unique business model. The business model for a Teslas is similar to other franchised sports car companies like Ford and NASCAR. This business strategy would require Teslas to find a niche within the automotive industry and develop a unique line of electric cars.

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Developing a Teslas business model that revolves around selling electric vehicles would require Teslas to purchase rights to create different brands of electric vehicles. Each brand could then be sold under its own name. Some companies would produce electric vehicles in-house while others would outsource the production of the vehicle to a company that specialises in producing electric vehicle components. Some companies would only sell the complete vehicle and would not build any accessories or perform any service centres. Some companies would only sell the vehicle and would not do any repair work at all.

One of the most important elements to creating a Teslas business strategy is finding an EV maker that will produce the models of Teslas that the company will wish to sell. There are currently only a few companies that make EV’s and many of them are small companies without the resources or knowledge to produce the best quality electric cars. One of these companies is the Swiss firm Lotus. Lotus has previously produced an electric car for the Japanese market and they have experience in producing EV’s. If Lotus is unable to produce a high quality electric car then there is little chance that a company outside of the USA will be able to do so either.

Bottom Line

Once a company has established itself in the automotive industry, it can look to expand into other markets. One market that is ripe for the taking is the energy storage market. An individual or organisation that is looking to develop a Teslas business model could explore the opportunity to expand into this market through service plus product development. Service plus product development means that the company is developing an automobile that can be used for both personal and commercial applications. The advantage of this is that the company will be able to tap into a much larger customer base than it would be able to if it was only looking to develop an electric car.

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